Textile Services Association study … People First!

Recently the results of a study conducted by the Textile Services Association have been presented. The study had to find out how the textile care industry compares with others. The results of this ‘culture study’ are to be an encouragement for laundry businesses in times when recruitment and staff retention is high on the agenda. According to Emma Andersson – TSA director, finance and membership – over 500 people have completed the survey.

The survey showed that over 80% of values selected were positive, which indicates that there is an overall happy work culture within the industry. The study also showed that community is the most important value to employees within the industry. Other, highly valued words were honesty, friendly, loyal, respectful and polite.

The survey also showed the top unhealthy values facing the industry, such as demanding and long hours. Strikingly enough, there were ‘only’ two unhealthy words in the top 10 compared to other UK companies – which had four.

Another topic in focus, was mental health. Andersson stated that management programmes providing guidance and support will be developed to help spot the signs of someone who might be struggling and to learn how to handle those situations within the workplace.