The 3rd professional reunion of the Algerian PTC industry took place in Algiers

The 3rd professional reunion of the Professional Textile Care industry in Algeria (Journée Professionnelle de L’Entretien des Textiles) took place on January 25.26, 2020 in Algiers. The conference was organized by The Algerian Laundry Association. It was an opportunity for the stakeholders in country’s PTC sector to discuss regional and global trends and share their experiences.

Several Algerian industry experts, entrepreneurs and trainers were among the speakers in the Conference Program:
– Mr. Belaroussi Faycal, President ANPB
– Mr. Hocine Kouachi, General Manager PALC ALGERIA
– Mr. Alouche Miloud, Trainer/Consultant CTTN Lyon
– Mr. Kerfah Ahmed, Eurl Remedia Environment
– Mr. Grar Younes, ICT expert
– Mr. Bouchafa Daoud, Technician