The After Corona Future of PTC is Digital and Sustainable!

The CINET LIVE! PTC Special: “Digitization & Innovation: The Best Service, Lowest Cost!” held on July 7th showed one more time that digitization and innovation are essential in order to generate new business, new customers and new revenues in Corona times. Participants from almost 30 countries, representing Retail Textile Cleaning (B-to-C) and Industrial Textile Services (B-to-B) companies, franchise chains, national associations and international suppliers joined the successful live event.

Peter Wennekes (CEO of CINET) underlined the importance of digitization in generating new business in the after Corona market challenges with a pro-active entrepreneur approach, facilitating the transition towards professional business models, from small scale towards industrial processing, from handmade to virtual, integrated processing, partly robotized. This will lead to a synergetic effect of an accelerated growth of business with: bigger volumes, less working hours, hence lower costs

Mr. Geert Bottger (Expo and Consulting Germany) presented and after Corona perspective of the global PTC sector, with a focus on wining and losing strategies, as well as on new chances for business development. The importance of hygiene was underlined, in order to cope with the challenges posed by the current (and future) pandemics.

All the showcases presented from all over the world of companies activating in both B-to-C and B-to-B, showed real examples of the impact digitization has on higher productivity and higher profits.

Digitization and Sustainability go hand in hand.

Over the years, CINET has put a lot of research and benchmark studies to address the issues of superior sustainability and the advantages of Professional Textile Care compared to domestic washing. PTC is 3 – 5  times better in terms of sustainability than domestic washing. This was the central topic of the segment presented by Frank Aarts, Executive Director at CINET, centered on how digitization ensures a central steering of processing (closed loop) to optimize process flow. Adoption of Big Data solutions enhance further more the efficiency and generate more sales.

In his presentation, Dr. ir. H. Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT), underlined the role of innovative technical solutions in improving sustainability.

Mr. Nicolae Damu, International Marketing & Communication at CINET, described the (After) Corona market demand and customer behavior in retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services, as well as the unintended consequences of the pandemic that can be exploited by an adequate digital integration

We have asked professionals worldwide to give a live pitch on their experiences after Corona and vision for their need to invest in digitization and innovation, to generate new business models, new business opportunities and revenues. Case stories were presented by: Mr. Leonid Bertsev – Russian Laundry Association,  Mr. George Tsaknakis – CARPET CLEAN TSAKNAKIS (Greece), Mr. Ken Cupitt – Guild of Drycleaners & Launderers, Mr. Eric Shuai – Mr. Shoes (China), Mr. Sidney Chelsky – CFA, Mr. Fabricio Sucupira – LAVEMCASA (Brazil), Mrs. Diana Vollmer – Ascend Consulting (USA), Mr. Nithipont Thaiyanurak – BOX 24 (Thailand), Mrs. Sundus Awan – WASHMEN (UAE), Mr. Weitian Chan – PRESSTO (Singapore) and Mr. Maurits Tiethof – Dobbi (NL). All of them outstanding and diverse examples on how innovative companies can adapt successfully to fast-changing consumer needs with the help of digitization. And, as Mr. Weitian Chan (Singapore) pointed out, the pandemic had a positive side, by forcing all the stakeholder to fasten the digitization process.


Practical examples from esteemed international suppliers.

International suppliers’ focus on digitization and innovation  was showcased by esteemed guests representing international companies serving both Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services segments.

Mr. Christoph Richter, Global Segment Manager Consumer Operated & B2C at Electrolux Professional presented the company’s dedicate “Certified” Program aiming to contribute at reducing the global footprint and prolonging the life-cycle of laundry equipment.

A sustainable future through innovation was also the central theme of Mr. Jaap Reinders’ presentation (Partner / Senior Engineer at TBR), with a focus on how the company applies more and more renewable energy in in processes in laundries and a recent innovation of process optimalization in dryers.

Mr. Markus Kobel (Laundry Robotics) presented the capabilities of Robin and Roy, the laundry robots and their role in improving the production process socially and ergonomically, in a cost efficient and sustainable way.


Moderator: Peter Wennekes (CEO of CINET)


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