The Future of Laundry — Will Robots Rule?

FoldiMate, Inc., a California based robotics start-up focused on changing the way people fold laundry, owes its further growth to being active in fundraising themselves. Last year, equity crowdfunding enabled fans and supporters worldwide – both accredited and non-accredited investors – to participate in the start-up’s future by becoming an investor and ambassador.

The company’s invention – FoldiMate – is a robotic laundry folder that folds most types of shirts, blouses, or pants from age 6 to adult size XXL, as well as standard size towels and pillowcasesThe funds were intended to manufacture an upgraded, smaller dimensions, prototype and run further intensive field tests. Funds from future rounds will go towards shipping Beta units to homes and businesses while preparing for mass production.

Gal Rozov, founder and CEO stated:  “FoldiMate folds a laundry load of around 25 items in less than 5 minutes, and after recent tests where we tested humans folding alongside FoldiMate, we discovered that it folds at least twice as fast as a human”. These data indicate that significant payroll savings and increased sales opportunities for clothing merchandisers could follow when used in various ‘ folding-active’ environments.