The Green Machine, a revolution in textile recycling

The Green Machine is a development of HKRITA (Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited) with the support of the H&M foundation. The Green Machine is a technology that should enable the recycling of textile waste on an industrial scale. The Green Machine processes waste textiles based on polyester and cotton into polyester fibers and cellulose powder. The polyester fibers produced are of a good quality and suitable for new clothing. The cellulose powder has various applications. Various systems have since been sold.

The Green Machine

This machine is claimed to:

  • Use only heat, water, pressure and a biodegradable green chemical.
  • Is time efficient and cost effective.
  • Is modular which means it can be right-sized for any factory or set up.
  • Generate no secondary pollution since it’s a closed loop where the water, heat and chemicals are used again and again.

Contrary to many other processes, this process is gentle and doesn’t damage the fibres and the quality is therefore intact. The output is long and good quality polyester fibres which can be used to make new garments.

The cotton is extracted as cellulose powder, which can be used in multiple ways for example making new garments. In the Planet First program with H&M Foundation and HKRITA, they are running an interesting project where the powder is used to improve cotton farming and completely eliminate the need for irrigation.

For H&M Foundation and HKRITA this is key to reach maximum impact and to transform the fashion industry.

 For information: click here Green Machine – recycling blend textiles at scale – H&M Foundation (