The Impact of Adequate Laundry Equipment in Post-Lockdown Times

Worldwide, the lockdown to fight the Coronavirus has slowly eased for various industry sectors. However, the fear of a new widely-spread outbreak still remains.

More and more companies – such as hair salons, beauty salons, bed and breakfasts and retirement homes – are allowed to open their doors again. A development that is widely cheered upon, because it may diminish the financial disaster many companies are heading for. It goes without saying that cleanliness and hygiene will play a vital role in the ‘new’ business environments everywhere. In that respect, efficient and durable professional laundry solutions are more essential than ever.

Should old domestic machines are not able to meet the new ‘clean’ challenges, Electrolux – a leading company in home and professional appliances – claims to have a series of washers, dryers and ironers that will especially suit small structures. The laundry equipment company offers a professional washing solution – myPRO  – that should meet this demand. It is claimed to be the  professional solution when small businesses  need stronger and faster steam washers, dryers and  ironers to replace their standard household appliances. In short, this equipment could play an essential role in a (renewed) fight against the Corona Virus.