The impact of fabric labels

Recently a UK newspaper article described the many cleaning and care techniques used by a former royal maid at Buckingham Palace to care for and maintain some of the most valuable garments and accessories worn by members of the royal family.

According to US based label and tag manufacturer, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. you don’t have to be royal to keep garments in excellent condition. By being able to rely on accurate and easy to read fabric labels, everyone may achieve that very same results in washing and care practices. The rise of sustainable fashion also highlights the importance of custom fabric labelling, since it can help inform eco-conscious consumers about the impact their clothing may have on the environment. The company also states that, in order to back more sustainable fashion, designers and manufacturers alike could promote their use of organic and eco-friendly materials through a wide selection of fabric labels. For example, displaying important information, such as washing and drying instructions, can induce the purchase of products that reduce the amount of water, energy or chemicals needed to keep their eco-friendly garments clean.