The importance of hygienically clean healthcare uniforms in reducing the spread

Finland-based textile service company Lindstrom has shared some insights on how hygienically clean healthcare uniforms can help to reduce the Corona spread. The company is active in 24 countries in Europe and Asia with over 4,000 employees. With over 170 years of experience in the textile industry, they offer a wide variety of services ranging from workwear, mats, restaurants and hotel textiles to industrial wipers, cleanroom and washroom services.

Giving all healthcare staff uniforms is an important first step towards controlling the spread of infection. Clean, sanitized uniforms will make sure that staff starts the day properly. Using new gloves and aprons for each patient is essential: it helps to prevent infection from spreading from room to room. At the end of the day, it is vital that uniforms and scrubs are adequately cleaned, preferably by a professional dry-cleaning or uniform rental service. Staff can remove their uniforms and place them in a container, after which bacteria and germs will be removed from the uniforms by the latest cleaning techniques.

Thus, fresh, clean and hygienic uniforms will be ready for staff when they start their work each day. Removing the responsibility of cleaning healthcare uniforms from staff is equally important. It not only improves morale, but will also create a sense of pride in the workplace and in the work that is being done in these times of fear and hope.