The Italian Best Practices Awards (Milan, March, 8th, 2020)

The Italian Best Practices Awards 2020 will be held in Italy and organized by Assosecco together with CINET in Milan, at Unione Confcommercio, Palazzo Castiglioni, on March, 8th, 2020. The Italian Best Practices Awards are a chapter of CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program (GBPA) 2019-2020, whose Final will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 20-22, 2020).

The Italian Retail Textile Cleaning companies with a high focus on best practices are invited to submit their registration forms (for free) in the Italian national pre-selections. The evaluation of the Italian Best Practices Awards Jury will be done according to the GBPA2020 criteria:

Quality; Skills and knowledge are important to maintain professional textile care quality. A continuous quality that meets customers’ expectations is of the utmost importance. Training & education and labour policy are the basic of quality. Certification, if available, can enhance the quality approval of a professional textile care company.

Sustainability; Implementation of best practices is the key for safe & sustainable processing in cleaning operations. Using state of the art equipment, modern cleaning concepts, optimal working methodologies, and integrated ICT processing enhances safe and sustainable professional textile care.

Business model & Service concept; Meeting customers’ demands and expectations in a rapid changing market environment. A clear business model for modern professional textile care is required to excel. The right services, contributing to the ease and convenience of end users/customers and fitting to the business model of the company. Modern business practices, Management & Marketing strengthen the performance of the company in a competitive environment.

Innovation; End users markets and enabling technologies are changing and require innovations in services, implementation of new technologies, creative entrepreneurial efforts to cope with new (online) customer’ demands, legislation, and environmental requirements. Underline the innovations implemented by the PTC company to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands

Key-note; own explanation and substantiation why the company should win the award.



The deadline for submitting the applications is January, 16th, 2020. You can download the reply form (in Italian) from this link – here or submit your application directly at CINET Secretariat, Postbus 10, NL-4060 GA Ophemert or via e-mail at For more info, call us at +31 344 650 430.


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