The Laundromat Sector is Gaining Momentum …

It would be exaggerating to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been helpful to the laundromat industry or that the essential nature of the laundry business has entered spotlight due to the crisis. However, it is clear that new potential investors from other industries that were affected by the virus are being attracted to the relatively plug-and-play aspects of franchised or branded concept stores.

Of course, franchisees benefit from the transparency of the network, and everyone has a vested interest. When company-owned stores or another franchisee develop a successful process addition or marketing tactic, the entire group benefits. That is a major advantage over the independent DIY model. It will not be the beginning of the end for the independent laundromat owner or the small-town mum-and-dad operator, though.  

These stores and types of entrepreneurs built the laundry industry and remain the backbone of this business. However, those outside of the industry are beginning to invest in this essential business like never before. They are creating additional revenue streams for laundry businesspeople, and providing new entry points to this industry. In short, more people are thinking about the laundromat business than even just a few years ago.