The Lifetime Award 2020, To Mr. Masashi Shimenoki (Japan)

The Lifetime Award 2020 was granted to Mr. Masashi Shimenoki from The Japan Textile Care Institution. This prestigious trophy is awarding his outstanding carreer and a remarkable contribution for the Japanese and global Professional Textile Care industry.
Mr. Shimenoki has been active as a PR planner for major companies and public institutions since 1980. In 1984, paying attention to the consumer trouble of dry cleaning, which had become a social problem, with the aim of disseminating the knowledge about new textile materials and fashion processing to consumers and the dry cleaning industry, he launched a tabloid newspaper called “The After”. Ca. 500,000 copies of this monthly tabloid were distributed from ca. 10,000 dry cleaners all over Japan. Through this experience, Mr. Shimenoki felt the value of high fashion and the importance of maintaining and restoring it. Later this came up with the idea of Professional Textile Care.
Modern apparel fashion products always use new chemical materials and avant-garde processing expressions. However, the absence of an industry aimed at cleaning and care technologies that take into account the characteristics of these clothing products will only promote waste of resources. Professional textile care is a new industry that seeks to integrate knowledge and technology to support consumers in a sustainable manner so that they can continue to attach high-value and high-quality clothing products.
Special Animation – Lifetime Award 2020

Book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”

Recently, Mr. Shimenoki wrote the book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”, dedicated to explaining to customers the value and to increase the awareness of the experience of Professional Textile Care. This easy to read book illustrates the value and experiences consumers perceive what professional textile cleaning is performing according to International Standards of Best Practices.

Lifetime Awards

CINET provides this Lifetime Award for the third time. The first Lifetime Award was offered to Prof. Dr. J. Kurz of the Hohenstein Institute at the occasion of the GBPAP16 Award Ceremony at Texcare International in 2016. The second Lifetime Award winner  was Mr. Martin Kannegiesser of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH Germany during GBPAP18 at Expo Detergo in Milan Italy.