The OPL market is growing …..

The OPL market is governed by two main customer sectors, hospitality and care/residential homes. Where equipment sales in both sectors used to be replacement-focused, there are strong signs that an increasing need for simple and easy-to-use controls for basic users is developing.

In the hospitality sector, quality and appearance are important and manufacturers note that outsourcing requirements is increasing and hotels are more beginning to invest in an on-site service that gives them full control over the quality and appearance of their linens. In the sector the size of the premise is an important factor to bear in mind and that is why OPL solutions can vary dramatically. Speed is also a significant driver as many establishments are faced with the daily task of processing the linen.

Efficiency is stated to be a key consideration for OPL providers looking to both reduce their monthly outgoings and provide a quick and reliable service for their customers. Most laundry services are now investing in innovative ways to provide a service that is both sustainable and profitable which will offer and efficient laundry service that makes a substantial impact on the bottom line of the business.