The Program of “Best Practices Workshop PTC Algeria” (Algiers, April 10th, 2018)

“The Best Practices Workshop PTC Algeria” will take place in Algiers, on April 10th, 2018, starting at 10 AM. The event will take place at Hotel Du Val (Hydra) in Algiers and it will be organized by Pressing Belaroussi in cooperation with CINET.

The event’s program will consist of the following presentations and keynote speakers:

  • Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018, by Mr. Peter Wennekes, President/CEO of CINET
  • Overview of Best Practices in PTC (TC + TS)”, by Mr. Peter Wennekes, President/CEO of CINET
  • “Professional PTC Management”, by Mr. Faycal Belaroussi, CEO Pressing Belaroussi, Algeria
  • “The World of PTC Business School”, by Nicolae Damu, International Marketing & Communication, CINET