The Role of Science in the 21st Century Laundry Industry

During the recent British Science week,  technical manager at hygiene chemicals specialist Christeyns Liz Kildunne – shared some views on the importance of science in today’s laundry industry.

Kildunne claimed that laundry and science are not necessarily connected. However, the company’s lab team is constantly researching into how science and chemical combinations can improve washing results. More recently, the focus has shifted to realize a minimal effect on the environment.

The latest developments in science have enabled a wider use of the gas ozone in the commercial laundry arena. The ability to replicate ozone production in a specially engineered cabinet is helping laundries. It can further improve their environmental footstep by washing in cold water while the ozone – once used – reverts to oxygen. New chemical combinations have led to the development of products which neutralise the effect of the polyquaternium-7 molecule and thus protect towels from shampoo and shower gel stains. In that respect a degreaser for sunscreen stains on towels and linen has also been developed.

According to Kildunne, science will always play an important role in the laundry business’ innovations. Continuous research into chemical combinations will shift the boundaries of conventional laundry and will at the same time keep the industry moving forward.