The Social Distancing Solution to Laundry  – Innovative & Simple!

A.R. Materials Handling Limited – a UK-based supplier of material-handling equipment – has created an innovative and simple solution to overcoming social distancing. They claim to have found the answer to help get laundries back to business as soon as possible.

The biggest problem for social distancing in a laundry will no doubt be standing at the front of an ironer. This is the most operator-concentrated area. For that reason, the company has designed and made a mobile segregation screen. The unit comes flat pack, can be quickly built and is simply wheeled into position, with brakes to secure its stay in place. The modular and flexible solution can function from one to three or more operators.

An innovative and simple solution for social distancing

Managing director Andy Robinson states: “We have always done our best to innovate ideas which will make life and processes easier and safer. Recently we have been looking at how to help commercial laundries get back to business. However, it is important that employees can get back to work as as safely as possible.” The prototype was recently tested at Impressed Laundry in Manchester and found to be an excellent barrier between operators.