The Speed Queen Laundromat Franchise Program introduced in US

Alliance Laundry Systems has announced that its subsidiary Speed Queen is now offering  Speed Queen branded laundromat franchises in the majority of states in the U.S. The franchises are on offer through select distributors, as well as the manufacturer’s internal sales team.

The laundromat package will contain “everything an entrepreneur needs to open, operate and grow a vibrant, modern laundromat business,” according to Alliance. Franchisees will receive various facilities such as in-house financing, equipment selection and layout, a branded store design and housestyle, a marketing playbook, training  and business coaching.

Justin Tripp – president of the company’s global retail department – stated: “Our Speed Queen Laundromat franchises will have a positive effect on our industry-leading technology and collective experience, as well as the brand awareness that Speed Queen has built during more than 110 years.” He also said that the Speed Queen franchise model is aimed at raising the vended laundry “to new heights through a focus on the safest, cleanest and most customer-friendly environment.” With this approach and the Speed Queen technology the company intends to develop into a role model for the industry and to improve the customer experience.