“The Times” Article about Covid19’s Effects on UK’s RTC Segment

In a recent article in the British newspaper Times, various drycleaning shops owners commented on the effects Corona had on their business.

Julian Stone – founder of American Dry Cleaning Company stated that dry-cleaning is driven by socialising, eating out, international travel, going to parties etc. All those things have stopped or diminished to a great extent. He doesn’t feel optimistic and he considers laundries the biggest ‘losers’ since cities remain deserted.  “People working from home no longer need five office shirts ironed a week, couples and families are no longer going out to restaurants, big family birthday parties, weddings and Ascot, Wimbledon or other social summer events — all valuable sources of income for Britain’s more than 4,000 drycleaning firms — has also hit the trade.”. Although drycleaners were allowed to stay open during lockdown as “essential services”, many of them decided to shut down as demand fell hard and fast. Some others kept open to help the “mostly elderly” customers who use their laundry service.

This underlines the need for a new and broader approach on new business models, and new market segments for the Professional Textile Care industry.