The why and how of Clean Air in the dry-cleaning business

Dry cleaners run a unique operation of chemical processes, storage, on-site or off-site treatment and other business practices. Since clean air is a growing necessity in every working and production environment, each dry cleaner will need a specific air compressor system designed and installed to secure both working conditions and customer service – based on its company activities and the size and volume of the business.

Some features that are specifically noteworthy in the dry cleaning business: excellent clean air quality, space-saving design, easy to operate and maintain, energy efficient, low operating and maintenance costs, supporting environmentally friendly fluids and materials, variable speed control and regular air compressor checks. E

Evidently, energy efficiency is one of the main requirements because utility bills alone could add up to 25% of a dry cleaner’s total operating costs. Another ‘must’ will be to regularly check the air compressor system, since poorly maintained systems can waste 25% to 35% of the air due to leaks alone. In short, laundry and dry-cleaning businesses need to secure the cleanest air possible, otherwise dirty air may destroy service quality!