The WOPCOM Platform. What’s in it for you and how can you join it?

You have heard about WOPCOM. But did you take a look at it?

Let’s assume you enter the WOPCOM platform in this very moment. You will notice the most recent materials that were added (of course, they are mostly Corona-related materials as this is the most pressing topic for the industry during the current pandemic).

On the same topic, you can find on WOPCOM CINET Coronavirus Protocols and Recommendations for the PTC industry, as well as the CINET presentations at the Corona Webinars for both Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) and Industrial Textile Services (ITS).


But there is (much) more content!

Just take a look at the Technical Articles and Reports category…


If you are more interested in the Research and scientific reports, you have a plenty of materials to read…


The Marketeers have their own content, as well….


WOPCOM (The World of PTC Community) is an online platform where partners of Professional Textile Care come together and find information on business development. You can find there exclusive PTC content on the following categories:

    1. Expert visions by industry peers
    2. Marketing articles/reports
    3. Research papers/scientific reports
    4. Technical articles/reports
    5. Business cases in PTC
    6. Business cases from the Global Best Practices Awards

…and the content is being continuously updated!


How can you join WOPCOM

The CINET members benefit of free access to WOPCOM. If you are not (yet) a member of CINET, you can choose the subscription option that matches you profile and needs, on this link – here!  The WOPCOM content is being continuously updated with exclusive articles, reports and presentations covering the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having in the Professional Textile Care industry.