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The World of PTC Bussiness School Indonesia kick-off at Expo Laundry Jakarta

The official kick-off of the World of PTC Business School Indonesia will take place at Expo Laundry in Jakarta, 23-25 March 2017.

In cooperation with industry partners CINET is setting up the WoPTC Business School, creating ‘Masters in PTC’. The professional textile care industry in Indonesia is rapidly developing. For professionals in the industry it is vital to keep up with these developments.

CINET Advisory Board member Mr. Marcus Taslim, Director of Jeeves Jakarta, describes the current state of the Indonesian economy and the retail textile cleaning market as follows;

The world is increasingly shifting its focus to Indonesia for a number of reasons. Over the last two decades, Indonesia has become more capitalistic, democratic, and stable both politically and financially while by population Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world.

Indonesia is experiencing a steady growth of mid to upper level management positions, as well a thriving corporate environment in firms around the country and especially in Jakarta. These types of positions require traditional business attire, hence the increasing number of people wearing suits, luxury name brand apparel, etc.

In Asia, specifically in Indonesia, GDP is on the rise. The number of wealthy individuals and households is increasing while domestic help is becoming increasingly difficult to find. As a result, in many households, both spouses or domestic partners have demanding careers, which encourages them to maximize their free time by avoiding domestic tasks such as doing laundry. This need for convenience services such as dry cleaning is further strengthened by a focus on new technology, and time saving features such as delivery service.

Another factor in the growth of this industry is that real estate prices in Jakarta are rising at a rapid rate, encouraging Jakarta residents to move into apartments/condominiums. These types of accommodations do not allow for the space needed to hang-dry laundry. Therefore, a large number of condominium/apartment occupants send their laundry out for cleaning.

In Q1 of 2017 CINET will conduct further research in the Indonesian PTC market. CINET is inviting all members interested in cooperation on this project to contact the CINET Secretariat.