These are the GBPAP18 Finalists!

It was an amazing global quest for selecting and bringing together the best showcases from the whole world. An unique series of outstanding pre-selections events enhanced the curation and selection process. Now it’s the moment to present the list of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018 Finalists, selected according to the evaluation made by the GBPAP18 International Jury. The selection was based upon the GBPAP18 criteria: quality, sustainability, business model, innovation and keynote.

The most outstanding company profiles of GBPAP18 are the following (arranged in alphabetical order):

Industrial Textile Services (ITS) Category – 20 Finalists:

  • Argentina: Lavadero Berazategui
  • Argentina: Apparel Argentina
  • Bosnia: AD Praonice
  • Brazil: Magnus Lavanderia
  • China: Fornet Nantong Factory
  • China: Beijing BlueskyTRS
  • France: BIH 77
  • Germany: Alpirsbacher Wäsche-Service
  • Germany: Servitex
  • India: Shubhram
  • Italy: L.I.G. Centro Sud
  • Malaysia: Laundry Zone
  • Russia: Cotton Way
  • Spain: Romeral Lavandería Industrial
  • The Netherlands: LIPS+
  • The Netherlands: ELIS
  • The Netherlands: Vendrig
  • The Netherlands: Rentex Floron
  • United Arab Emirates: Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry
  • UK: CanDo Laundry


Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) category – 25 Finalists:

  • Australia: Karl Chehade
  • Canada: Our Dry Cleaners
  • Chile: Tintoreria L’Art Parisien Limitada
  • China: Beijing Fornet Laundry Service
  • China: Branew
  • Croatia: Lemia
  • France: C2K Pressing
  • Germany: Fashioncare 24/7
  • Germany: Persil Service F.A. Stichweh
  • Indonesia: Jeeves
  • Indonesia: QnC
  • Italy: Pierotti Laundry Network
  • Italy: Lavadi
  • Japan: Hakuyosha
  • Norway: Renseriet
  • Poland: Handlowa Pretty Jolanta Wielgus
  • Romania: Blue Lagoon Clean
  • Russia: No. One
  • Russia: Ajaks
  • Sweden: VIC Textiltvätt
  • The Netherlands: Dobbi
  • The Netherlands: Stomerij van Kan
  • The Netherlands: LOD Benelux
  • UAE: Champion Cleaners
  • UK: Elite Drycleaners
  • UK: Laundrapp
  • USA: Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners

Good luck to all the finalists. Looking forward to see you in Milan (October, 18-19th, 2018)!