Topics of World of PTC Volume 6: Innovative Businesses & Showcases

At this moment efforts are being made by CINET in writing a new book in the World of PTC (Professional Textile Care) series. Book 6 will be dedicated to the latest developments in new business models. A first peak in the content-overview shows a division in 2 parts; the first part focuses on a qualitative description of business model developments in the world of professional textile care,  the second part shows about 100 examples of companies which participate in The Global Best Practices Awards 2018.

A sneak-peak of the topics:

  • Hygiene
  • Clean Room
  • Linen Concepts: Beirholm, Curabelle, Dibella
  • Smart Textiles
  • Online Marketing and E-Commerce
  • International Laundry on Demand – defragmentation of the textile service model
  • Total Problem Solution
  • Matching Customer’s Expectations
  • Assess Current Position Plus Improvement Plan
  • Outperforming Competition
  • My Digital Transformation
  • Transparent Rental Business Contracts
  • Calculation Methodologies for textile services
  • The Global Best Practices Awards 2018 – Intro, Jury Procedure & Names
  • The Global Best Practices Awards 2018 – Company Profiles
  • The Global Best Practices Awards 2018 – Overview of 100 Nominees and Markte Areas