Total Cleaning & Laundry Solutions for Indonesia

Indonesia is showing a steady growth in the cleaning and laundry market. Driven by the rising number of commercial and residential properties, healthcare facilities and hospitality facilities, the cleaning and laundry market is developing towards more automation, more innovative products and solutions which are effective and efficient. Data from the Statistics Bureau shows that in Jakarta alone, there are over 7.1 million square meter areas of commercial and residential properties, while across the nation, over 1 million hotel rooms are available and over 2,800 hospitals are in operation. Cleaning and laundry have certainly taken new priority for these sectors, encouraged by higher awareness for better living and working standard.

Addressing the market needs, PT Media Artha Sentosa organizes a dedicated trade show for modern cleaning and textile care titled EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY. This year, the show is going into its 6th edition, to be held at the Jakarta International Expo from 11 to 13 July 2019, serving the market with a showcase of products and solutions for cleaning and laundry. Concurrently, the supporting trade associations are organising conferences, seminars and workshops which become platform of knowledge, experience and insights for all trade professionals.

This edition is rather special that we registered a great interest in the laundry for healthcare services. There are 3 associations focusing on this subject namely the Indonesian Hospitals Association – PERSI, Indonesian Laundry Professionals Association – APLI and Association of Hospital Laundry Units – PILARS. The Ministry of Health is investing in efforts to prevent and control the spread of infection in healthcare facilities through Ministerial Decree No 7 Year 2019. In addition, EXPO LAUNDRY is welcoming delegation visits from Malaysia, Singapore and China this year and the Best Practice Laundry Award is organised again by ASLI and CINET.