Trends To Be Taken Into Account By Laundries Operating in The Hospitality Sector

Hotel technology is often used to deliver excellent customer experience. It will be highly important to remain doing so in COVID times. Here are some technology trends within the hotel industry that may also affect our industry.

According to Revfine, a knowledge platform for the hotel industry, the use of robots is a fascinating and rapidly improving. The robots have the potential to assist with housekeeping activities, such as vacuum cleaning floors and killing germs, which can be especially important for making your property COVID secure. During these times, virtual reality (VR) proves to be the ultimate way to experience a hotel before making a booking. Many hotel websites use VR tours and 360 videos  to attract additional sales.

Smart technology is being used to provide guests with a fully customised experience. It will help to reinforce the brand identity of the hotel in question and increase customer loyalty. Self-service automation will place the decision-making process with the guests. It will not remove traditional staff from their duties, but their services are being improved with a heightened sense of in-house automation. Finally, facial recognition applications will provide various benefits for hotel management. For instance, increased levels of security and authorised personnel will only get access to specific areas.