Trivago CEO Expects Travel Sector To Recover in 2021

Trivago is a global hotel search platform that is focused on ‘reshaping the way travellers search for and compare hotels’. Recently, the company’s CEO Axel Hefer was interviewed by financial medium Yahoo Finance to discuss the latest travel outlook during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hefer stated that he expects the demand for travel will strongly increase in the new year, especially because people have had to suffer from a long dark winter during lockdown. He anticipates recovery will first occur when people come home after being stuck in a foreign country due to lockdown. After that visiting family and friends will also see realize a recovery in travel. Local and domestic leisure travel will also emerge again and in summer air travel will make a come-back thanks to improved testing procedures and the expected availability of a vaccine.

However, not all is going well and recover to pre-Covid situations. Companies have realized that for interaction with other companies you do not have to be in the same room. Consequently, the key change in travel will be a structural deduction in business travel!