Try before you ….

Renzacci UK, a major dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry & finishing equipment supplier in the country, recently invited potential customers to attend the June 2019 ‘Wet Cleaning Open Days’. Prospects and customers were invited, free-of-charge, to put the latest machines through their paces and test the latest Wet Cleaning Machines for themselves.

The idea is that if a laundry entrepeneur is thinking about investing in a new Wet Cleaning system, he had better try before he buys. Attendees were invited to bring along their own garments for machine testing. Some other objectives and advantages of the event were:

  • One could learn from one of the UK’s top Wet Cleaning trainers
  • Lunch and refreshments were being served during the entire event
  • Real cost-savings and revenue generation potential could be discovered
  • Exclusive discounts were offered on all orders placed on the day

By organising this event the company presented a useful day for establishing new peer contacts, gaining knowledge of the latest developments and not in the least witnessing the ‘proof of the wet cleaning pudding’!