UK-based Barker Group Campaigns for Plastic Reduction in Drycleaning!

A Dorset laundry and drycleaning business recently announced the intention to reduce ‘single use’ plastic by 90 per cent by the end of next year. This eco mission has already converted nearly all of the company’s domestic laundry customers to use long-lasting laundry boxes over the last two years.

The business has first rolled out a trial at one of their branches. Customers are presented with three options to collect their drycleaning: in a new, reusable garment cover, or have no cover at all, or pay 15 pence for polythene packaging. Managing director Matthew Barker: “Packaging represents a large and important part of our final product, with the requirements for hygiene and protection from damage. As a business, the largest use of plastic is in our drycleaning division.”