UK-based CLEAN investments boost further expansion

CLEAN recently announced its intention to invest £7m in its Yeovil laundry in order to increase capacity, boost jobs and help it build on its existing success.

So far, part of the investment has been used to finance a mezzanine floor and new meeting and training rooms. The company plans to spend the remaining funds on further expanding capacity at the site and on investing in new machinery. The aim is to make the Yeovil laundry the largest processing site within the group. The company estimates that increasing capacity at the site will enable it to grow revenue from £74m to £100m by 2023.

The investment plans came after a successful period for their Yeovil site. The team achieved 100 per cent of customer orders for more than 300 days throughout peak season, meaning that over 20m pieces of linen were delivered on time and with no mistakes or returns. Kevin Godley, the company’s CEO, said: “We have ambitious expansion plans for CLEAN Yeovil. The site’s track record for order accuracy is unbeatable. Even the most renowned delivery companies would struggle to successfully achieve this level of efficiency, so we know we will grow from a strong base.”