UK-based launderer invites artists to clean up their wardrobes

Laundry Peters’ Cleaners from Petersborough in the UK has invited local musicians, artists and performers to have their stage wardrobe cleaned at one of their automated dry-cleaning and laundry pods.

The first 50 acts to apply will have the cleaning or repair paid for up to the value of £20. At the same time they are requested to send in a photo while performing with the title ‘Please clean up my act!”

The company’s managing director –  Vicky Whiter – stated that because things haven’t been easy for anyone over the last few years, they thought of a positive way to support independent creatives living in their hometown.

She is proud of the company’s creative campaigns which shows that they like to do things differently. For instance, their latest slogan ‘drop your trousers’ really caught people’s attention. Whiter: “We think it’s about time our local stars get back to what they love, with a helping hand from us, and we look forward to seeing the photos and hearing people’s stories.”