UK-based survey on single-use plastics in laundry workplace

The UK magazine Laundry & Cleaning News (LCN) is asking their readers to take part in a survey on the use of single use plastics in the workplace. The magazine states to be keen to help the industry to cut down its use of single use plastics such as polywrap and small plastic bottles and drums that are not always easily returnable or recyclable.

A conversation at the Textile Services Association conference between Sarah Lancaster, owner of Total Laundry, Ruth Mitchell logistics consultant and LCN editor Kathy Bowry was the inspiration for the 2018 LCN Round Table on single use plastics. After a presentation citing some really excellent instances of recycling by suppliers in other industries, the following question arose: “What can this industry do to tackle its problem of single use plastics and their disposal?”

Since then a discussion has been organised and a committee has been set up to look into the problem and find solutions. The findings will be published and operators are invited to sign up to the campaign to limit the use of single use plastics and to find practical ways of repurposing and recycling these products. The campaign has started in April and for more information or news see the LCN website and in the magazine.