UK women are neglecting their clothes

According to a British study executed by a magazine, an astonishing 33.000.000 clothing items never get used, just because their owners never take them to the cleaners. Approximately 1000 women took part in the study.

Women are naming the inconvenience of taking clothing to the store and laziness as the main reasons for not having their clothing cleaned professionally. Eight out of ten women only go to dry cleaners when there really is no other way, more than half of the participants never have their clothes professionally cleaned. According to the researchers, this is the reason that many items of clothing are seriously neglected.

In addition to laziness, the fear that items of clothing will be ruined during the process is a major factor why women prefer to keep their clothes at home.
12 percent of the respondents say they do not like the smell of clothing that comes back from the cleaners and some avoid the dry cleaning out of respect for the environment, a big misconception!

The top three items that women avoid to clean are coats, dresses and leather items. Vintage leather bags, wedding dresses and suede Ugg boots are also rarely taken to be dry cleaned, while according to the researchers this is required once every so often to maintain a wardrobe.