Unceasing ascent of Dibella Germany

At Dibella, the use of sustainable fiber raw materials continues to increase every year. This is confirmed by the market report “Preferred Fiber & Materials” published by the non-profit organization Textile Exchange: In 2016, Dibella was ranked 5th in the use of Fairtrade organic cotton and has since risen to 3rd place.

Sustainable textiles for the hotel, catering and healthcare industries have been an important part of Dibella’s range since 2011. The environmentally compatible, Fairtrade textile qualities have asserted themselves on the market from the very beginning and write a new success story every year: sales of textile qualities certified according to the highest ecological and social standards are rising continuously.

Higher and higher

Dibella’s ongoing efforts to provide the textile service with sustainable qualities is also gaining international recognition. For years, the company has been listed among the largest buyers of Fairtrade organic cotton. Since 2016, the specialist for flat linen has been climbing the winner’s stairs one step higher and now ranks third in the world. In the institutional sector, the ascent is even steeper: Within just a few years, Dibella has gone from zero to one hundred and in 2018 will be at the top of the list of customers for “Global Organic Textile Standard”(GOTS) and Fairtrade-certified-cotton.