Uniform supplier adopts 3DLook system!

The Unisync Corporation – provider of full-service, managed apparel programmes for major corporations and government bodies across Canada and the US – recently announced a partnership with Toronto-headquartered mobile body scanning solutions provider 3Dlook, to automate the process of measuring and fitting for uniforms.

The 3DLook solution is to eliminate major offline fitting events, saving time and resources and increasing the efficiency. It provides Unisync end-users with a simple and fast way to accurately measure themselves in their own homes with a smartphone or a tablet. They only have to take a front and side photo while fully dressed and let the technology instantly determine what size uniform would fit best. The whole process is quick and easy and a measuring tape is not needed.

For decades, businesses in the industry have had to set up in-person measuring and fitting events where sales people had to physically measure hundreds of people, before trying on workwear samples to determine the correct size. These events are time-consuming, expensive to set up, and liable to human error. 3DLook’s solutions enable personalised shopping experiences and give brands insights to optimise design, product development, inventory planning, and distribution.