Update! CINET Live! PTC Special “Sustainability First” Free Webinar – Rescheduled for June 17th (15:00 CET)

Due to the national holidays in The Netherlands next week, the first free webinar of the CINET LIVE! PTC Specials series (Sustainability First!) initially planned for April 28th will be re-scheduled for June 17th at 15:00 CET.

The CINET Live! PTC Special “Sustainability First” will be focused on Sustainability for both Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services. The program will revolve aroung 3 main topics:

I. Best Practices in PTC processing. Professional cleaning is up to five times more sustainable than washing at home;

  • Water savings of 35-80%,
  • Energy savings of 17%
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of 24%,
  • Almost Zero environmental impact of plastic microfibers will also increasingly come to the fore.


II. Sustainable textiles in modern societies

Textiles are increasingly polluting the environment worldwide. Because of the fast-growing population worldwide, this is becoming a major problem. At the same time, some 85% of all manufactured textiles are very limited used (f.i. extensive wardrobes). wasted after a short time or not sold at all. Hence CINET took the initiative with The International Sustainability Manifesto of textile supply chain talks to improve this by:

  • Recycling of “slow fashion” and other textiles
  • Stimulating purchase/sales options
  • Introduction of Hygienical Clean Textiles a& New to you fashion


III. Circularity in the Textile Supply Chain

The need to develop and use circular textiles is growing rapidly. Initiatives in many countries are taken to stimulate use and reuse textiles again. The industry has started cooperations, supported financially by government bodies with research institutes, NGO’s and waste experts & consultants to improve this situation.

If the textile care sector succeeds in joining forces chain-wide, it will have all the capabilities in-house to open the doors to a thoroughly restructured future and to put itself on the map in an impressive way.

Draft Outline

  • Moderator: Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET
  • Panel:
    • International Suppliers
    • Scientific Experts; a.o. Simon Hemmes, Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer
  • Content:
    • Key drivers:
      • Sustainable PTC processing following Best Practices
      • Sustainable textiles in modern societies
      • Circularity in the Textile Supply Chain
    • Info/Update/Latest trends & news
    • Insight/expert views
    • Research info & results study
    • Showcases presentations & animations
    • Interactive discussions


JOIN CINET LIVE! PTC Special: Sustainability First! (June 17 // 15:00 CET)


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