Update E-learning course: Rental Workwear

CINET’s World of PTC Business School e-learning modules have a brand new course focused on Rental Workwear. The course supports entrepreneurs in the laundry business by helping them to implement a more profitable growth through workwear rental.

Both customers and laundry businesses benefit of workwear rental. For the customers there is no need for investment in garments, the needed stock is held by supplier, which allows a better cost planning and a flexibility in workwear items, thanks to a professional supply chain. For the laundry businesses, this means a long term relationship based on service, a continuity of revenue and a more profitable revenue by cross-sell opportunities. Last, but not least, the company is in control of quality and service.

To establish this new part in The World of PTC Business School, CINET has found cooperation in the person of Mr. Floris van Eekert of Wasconnect. Before, he also gave a presentation on the subject during the CERCLEAN® Masterclass Training.

The new course will become available on August 13th.

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