Update E-learning course: Retail Textile Care Management

Starting August, 13th, 2018, a new and outstanding course will be part of the e-learning program of CINET’s World of PTC Business School: Retail Textile Care Management.

The main goal of this course, that is designed for start-up and for strategic control of PTC companies, is to strengthen the necessary skills in developing a successful business in Retail Textile Care.

The module provides answers to questions like

  • “how to build a successful textile care business?
  • “what management practices should be followed to be successful?”
  • “where do you stand with your business in the light of modern management tools?”
  • “how to improve current businesses from a strategic perspective?”

As the entire e-learning program from the World of PTC Business School, the Management course is designed as a series of online presentations/webinars. Control questions are offered to check the individual progress and a certificate is available after successful completion.

This new course is brought to you by CINET’s World of PTC Business School and it will become available on August 13th.

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