Update of 2021 General & COVID Related Hotel Tech Trends

In the highly competitive hospitality industry it is essential to stay informed of the latest technology trends. Especially within the context of COVID, because customer expectations and requirements are constantly shifting.

Some tech trends for 2021 that hospitality companies are advised to be aware of.

  • Robots in Hotels & Restaurants can help to make an environment more COVID-secure.
  • During the COVID pandemic, the virtual reality technology provides customers with the ability to experience a hotel or a restaurant prior to booking.
  • Mobile Check-In can be especially welcome for those who are nervous about COVID.
  • Recognition technology with biometrics being used to usher in a new age of seamless authentications. It could be beneficial in hotel processes and customer purchases.
  • Cybersecurity has become essential, since hotels and restaurants have become more reliant on data and IT systems than ever before.
  • Within the hotel industry, big data allows businesses to identify trends, which can be used for revenue management

In short, keeping up with the latest technology trends will not only improve one’s customer experience, but also one’s internal processes. It will safeguard a hospitality company’s staying in business!