US-based GreenEarth Cleaning celebrated its 20th Earth Day.

GreenEarth Cleaning – a major solution provider of environmentally-friendly dry cleaning technology – has been in business since 1999. It seemed only natural to link the company’s 20th anniversary with a planet-loving holiday. They realized this connection in the form of a clothes drive benefiting the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organisation as well as other regional non-profits.

The company’s President Tim Maxwell stated:  “Celebrating all that our planet provides us with, has been a fixture of GreenEarth Cleaning since the formation of our company 20 years ago. With the growing issues surrounding the disposal of waste associated with fast fashion, we felt that collecting clothing for charities fit our Network’s focus on sustainable garment care.”

From Connecticut to Colorado to California, 140 affiliated both retail and laundry locations opted in to the GreenEarth Cleaning 20th Anniversary Earth Day Clothes Drive, racking up a combined donation amount of 20,000 pounds and counting—an average of 150 pounds per store.