US California-based Emerald Textiles expands

Emerald Textiles, a leading West Coast healthcare launderer, recently announced two major developments: the acquisition of MediClean Linen and Laundry, a healthcare operator based in Los Angeles and a new plant – a “state-of-the-art” sixty-million pound facility in Livingston, California.

This new facility will allow Emerald to serve its expanding customer base in Northern California and is scheduled to be completed by Q3 2019. The company has grown through new customer wins, emphasis on staff building, providing high levels of service to the customer, the acquisitions of two Southern California linen processing facilities, a de-novo build of a Northern California facility and material investments to upgrade existing facilities and equipment.

As part of the asset acquisition in Los Angeles, Emerald will immediately undertake a “re-tooling” of the new acquisition to upgrade equipment. The capital plan includes more than $6.0 million of investment to ensure that the Los Angeles facility upholds the same level of quality and efficiency found across the entire network. Emerald Textiles is the leading industrial healthcare laundry and linen service business on the West Coast and was created through the combination of Emerald Textiles and Encore Textile Services in July 2018.