US Drycleaners To Offer Wash-Dry-Fold Services – A New Dimension of Laundry Day?

Recently, the dry-cleaning business in the US is stimulating the interest in wash-dry-fold services. Understandably, since this line of business is one of the industries suffering the most during the current pandemic. First of all, during the past 20 years the dry-cleaning business has experienced some tough years and now – owing to COVID-19 – people are not likely to go back to their offices. Consequently, consumers will not dress up for work like they used to and will not require dry-cleaning services at pre-pandemic levels.

Naturally the drycleaners are looking for alternatives and wash-dry-fold laundry could be ‘low-hanging fruit’. Many of them have started to offer a recurring revenue model to add these “plus services” to their business, although still taking in dry-cleaning work. Customers will sign up for a plan, and operators are assured some regular income from them.

The owners receive a revenue base they can count on, as well as attracting people into the stores. Besides, by raising awareness of wash-dry-fold, drycleaners are shifting consumers’ expectations of “laundry day” – and that can only benefit the entire industry.