US-German Agreement on Cleanroom Mopping System

Prudential Cleanroom Services, a leading firm in cleanroom laundry service systems, recently announced the company has entered into an exclusive North American Agreement with German manufacturer Hydroflex to offer its customers the PurMop® cleanroom mopping system.

Jerry Martin, the company’s Vice President Sales & Marketing: “This system is a product offering that improves contamination control cleaning processes, reduces waste and cost compared to alternative products and disposables.” The company can include the mop service with its reusable cleanroom garment and goggles rental deliveries.

Hydroflex is a leading supplier and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems that offer solutions for manual cleaning and disinfection to help control and eliminate particles and germs in cleanrooms daily – already used in more than 40 countries worldwide. The products are used by various companies from industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, microelectronics and optics.