Huub Hoffman Commercial Director of VEGA

VEGA: Lots of dynamics in turbulent times

“These are ‘bumpy’ times”, says Commercial Director Huub Hoffman of VEGA. “Corona has brought problems. Raw material prices have skyrocketed and parts deliveries are stagnating. One year delivery time has become normal. But, despite this, there is a good order intake, also for next year”.

Does that also apply to the US market? Hoffman: “It will not be possible to see how the situation will develop internationally until the end of this year at the earliest. Then we will be able to draw up a provisional balance. The demand for more integrated computerization and management, using Big Data (Industry 4.0) will certainly develop further. The introduction of more robotization systems is in line with this. Vega has also developed an X-Ray system. All suppliers are reasonably full and costs are expected to continue to rise. It is, of course, important to be able to pass on these cost increases. This applies to the laundries, but also to the suppliers. So there is plenty of dynamism in turbulent times.”

Photo: Huub Hoffman Commercial Director of VEGA