VEGA Systems USA Restructured

Dutch VEGA Systems Group has announced new ownership of VEGA Systems USA. Previously a joint partnership, VEGA Systems USA is now solely owned and operated by its’ parent company, VEGA Systems B.V.

Ad van Geffen, President/Owner of VEGA Systems B.V states: “We are highly committed to growing the VEGA brand and with complete ownership of VEGA Systems USA, it gives us the ability to maximize our commitment to the US market and allows us to strengthen and develop relationships with our customers.” With announcement of full parent company ownership, van Geffen also announced new leadership roles within the USA division. Kerry Bengtson has been named Vice President. With 30 years of laundry equipment manufacturing industry experience, Kerry brings intimate expertise and knowledge in both US and European equipment manufacturers.

Thad Southwick, also industry veteran, brings 29 years of equipment manufacturing experience. Thad has been named Project Manager for the USA division and will coordinate with the growing sales team and customers to ensure all aspects of projects are carried out and fulfilled. Jeremy Appleby has been named Service Manager for VEGA Systems USA. Jeremy has worked in different capacities with VEGA Systems staff and VEGA equipment for the last decade.