World of PTC Business School workshop at Wasmaatic

In combination with the conference organized in Mumbai CINET organized a second workshop on PTC best practices in Pune at the Wasmaatic Training Academy, following the first workshop in August 2016. Furthermore a series of company visits were organized to discuss the E-learning and further workshops to Indian market standards.

Eagerness for know-how

During the workshop it was once again confirmed how eager Indian PTC companies in general are to gain more know-how on PTC processing and technical considerations in the business. Improving quality and efficiency in the operation is considered to be valuable in the operation and as an objective body the World of PTC Business School is perceived as a body that genuinely aims to inform so the companies themselves can make better informed decisions for their business.


Some good detailed discussion on optimal processing and the differences between solvents and wetcleaning

Company visits

During the company visits around the Mumbai and Pune area it became clear that these laundry facilities in India are very much aware of their operation and quality levels. Apart from updating their machine park they’ve managed to standardize procedures with smart and efficient tagging systems that allows them to process several thousand garments every day. Because of cultural habits, a significant share of the customers requires a high level of starch in the garment. The climate results in little amounts of suits/jackets to be cleaned and shirts and trousers to be the main products in retail cleaning.


Full staff of Gajraj Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Heavily starched traditional Indian garment showcased by Mr. Uttekar  Sr. of Deluxe Dyers & Dry Cleaners