“We’ll get through this!” Read here some exclusive stories on how laundries deal with the coronavirus crisis. You can share your story, too!

All over the world the coronavirus pandemic has led to special situations, operation disruptions and change of plans. The virus spread is affecting every single entity in the Professional Textile Care industry. We are receiving several queries from CINET members and partners all over the world asking how their counterparts deal with this situation.

As PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET aims to create a open-platform in which every one of you can share his/her company’s experience during the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, feel free to share your experience (with text and photos) that you can send at cinet@cinet-online.com or using our social media accounts. We will publish them in the E-News section and weekly newsletter.


Daniel Tarigan Qnc Makassar, Indonesia:

As Covid-19 has now hit Indonesia, QnC Laundry has implemented our Covid-19 Prevention Protocol in our centralized workshop. We have installed wastafel in workshop entrance and make our workshop restricted area. Only authorized employee may come into the workshop. We separate our production employees into Team A and Team B. Each team may not be in one shift with other team. Everyday at 3pm team has to be switched. No interaction between team inside the facility facility. Drivers and frontliners may only access the workshop up to the entrance door. One member of each Team A and B will be appointed to serve drivers with the cleaned laundry up to the gate. Every hour the same person will have to clean some surfaces that ofently touched by the employees with disinfectant.

Hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray are available in every stores. We also encourage our customers to use our free Grab Express service to pick-up their dirty laundry to our store. And we will pay for the Grab cost. We support our customers to be able to do laundry without having to go outside the house. The cleaned garment will be delivered by our Delivery Crew who brings the disinfectant and wipe all the packaging with disinfectant upon arrival to customer’s house. That’s our story from Makassar, Indonesia. Stay safe and health everyone!

QNC, a safe and sustainable operation


Sivert Lian Opdahl, Marthes Renseri A/S, Norway

“For the many dry-cleaners it is a 80-90% down from the same period in 2019. March is always a bad month for us in Norway, and we usually get a lot after easter towards the spring and our independent celebration day in May. If this continues a month, two months or even longer, a lot of businesses will go bankrupt.”


Techleader Laundry, Malaysia:

“We are commercial laundry service provider for hotels, SPA located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  As we are in the Movement Control Order (closed down) due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we may re-open in April, which is 6 days later. At the moment, we are using apron, long hand glove when collecting from hotels”.


Gibson’s Cleaners, Canada:

“Yesterday the Ontario Government classified dry cleaners, laundromats, and laundry services as essential businesses. We continue to operate with limited hours to clean for our customers who include EMS, police, and healthcare workers. The safety of our team and customers are a priority. We’ll get through this! – the Gibson’s Team”.

Gibson’s Cleaners, a fully automated operation


From Qatar Airways, we have received an outstanding movie about the company’s hygiene and cleanliness standards applied to blankets and linen for all passengers.


Nic & Lucas, Orange Sky Australia Co-founders:

“Orange Sky Board and senior leadership team have made the difficult decision to pause shifts in their current form for up to the next 3 weeks. There is potential for this to be extended based on government advice. Our remote services in Palm Island, Lockhart River and Maningrida will continue to operate as normal.”


Vlad Elias, Co-Founder Blue Lagoon Clean.Blue Lagoon, Romania

“Despite the lockdown in Romania, the laundries are considered of public interest and they will remain open. Since the spread of Coronavirus, Blue Lagoon Clean has recorded losses of over 35,000 euros. The sales on the Free Collection and Delivery service have remained relatively constant, but we expect an increase in the next period. From this point of view, we are prepared to meet the demand. I should mention that the prices will remain the same and all the special offers will continue.”

Extra-protective measures at Blue Lagoon’s shops in the shopping malls


News from the PTC Suppliers

The Professional Textile Care industry suppliers are informing their clients in realtime via their social media channels with the latest information, as well:

Christeyns, UK:

“Peracetic acid disinfectants are suitable for use in the mainwash, disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium compounds can be used in the rinse zone only, and are not recommended for use on CBWs due to the complexity of the water flows within the machine. Quaternary ammonium compounds are not compatible with mainwash detergents.”


“Keeping your home sanitary is especially important right now. You can rely on a GreenEarth cleaner to care for and properly disinfect your household fabrics, like comforters, linens, and draperies.”


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Feel free to share your own laundry’s experience (with text and photos) that you can send at cinet@cinet-online.com or using our social media accounts. We will publish them in the E-News section and weekly newsletter.