What’s on in the UK ‘opl’ market?

When people think of a laundry in most cases they will have industrial premises or the high street launderette in mind. They will have no clue of the ‘on premise laundries’ (opls) where organisations have their own private facility. From theatres and football clubs to luxury liners and care homes, the possibilities are endless.

Whether these organisations consider upgrading their opl or making an investment in this respect, they need expert advice, the right machines and good ongoing support. According to Kieron Kendell – sales director at MAG Laundry Equipment, a supplier of commercial laundry machines with decades of experience in upgrading and setting up on premise laundries: “With an opl you can take full control of your laundry operation to remove the risk of late deliveries, missing items and dirty / damaged laundry being returned.” In terms of machines offered by the firm, capacities range from nine kilo to 133kg.”

Recently the company has installed new commercial washing machines and tumble dryers at West Ham United Football Club. “This new opl,” says Kendell, “allows the Hammers to process their sports kits in house with high quality, reliable, energy efficient laundry machines.”