When new business models prosper … they TICK!

The Mibelle Group from Switserland – subsidiary of Migros – developed a new online laundry service called Tick. This industry division of Migros has been producing detergents and cleaning products for over 80 years, so the area of laundry was an integral part of its DNA.

Tick-Wash collects the laundry from customers using e-Tuks, a VW bus or express bicycle courier. It is then taken to an external laundry partner and returned to customers washed and ironed within two days. On request and for an additional fee, collection is possible within 30 minutes. The convenient service takes care of the entire laundry process for customers and even saves them the trip to the laundrette or dry cleaners.

The service started in the city of Zurich in 2016 and later expanded to other large Swiss cities such as Bern, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne. Since January 2019, the former start-up has been standing on its own feet and has become the independent Tick AG. Owner Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor: “Tick has developed very well over the past years. For a successful continuation of the start-up’s development, we must be able to act quickly. This requires short decision-making processes and the new conditions will ensure such method of operating”.