Winners of the India Best Practices Awards & First DLAI Convention

A new pre-selection chapter of The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020, the India Best Practices Awards took place in Mumbai, India today and yesterday (15 & 16 February), organized by CINET and DLAI (Dry cleaning and Laundry Association of India). The pitch presentations were organized before the first General Assembly of DLAI on 15 February. Subsequently the 16th of February was reserved for a full day of conference program. The afternoon was split up between RTC (Retail Textile Cleaning) and ITS (Industrial Textile Services) where CINET trainers gave a Master Class from the World of PTC Business School. The India Awards were organized in close cooperation with DLAI, many thanks to the DLAI team for the collaboration.

The nominees anxiously pitch their company in 5 minutes to an enthusiastic crowd


First-ever DLAI annual convention

The Annual Convention of DLAI on 16 February took place in the Courtyard by Marriot in Mumbai and hosted some 200-250 people. CINET contributed to the program with a key note speech on global trends and challenges, an introduction on the partnership of DLAI-CINET on the World of PTC Business School and CERCLEAN and lastly 2 Master Class training programs (one for ITS and one for RTC).

The DLAI convention draws a good crowd at the Courtyard by Marriot hotel next to the airport


An interesting panel discussion with some of Indias most promising entrepreneurs in the field of Retail Laundry Drycleaning


During the convention the strategic partnership between DLAI-CINET was presented once again, starting the collaboration for CERCLEAN certification across India and the World of PTC Business School

WOPCOM platform available for DLAI members

Based on the membership of DLAI to CINET the complete WOPCOM knowledge database is available for DLAI members free of charge. Within the WOPCOM – World of PTC Community – you find over 600 articles on best practices in Professional Textile Care (PTC) including the content of the entire World of PTC book series. Interested? Just send an email to or contact the DLAI secretariat Delhi at +91 73032 82525 or


At the meeting, the new executive committee was presented to DLAI members that will take the lead thriving the association in 2020-2021

Winners RTC

After a tough evaluation on 15 February the India Overall Best Practices Award was won by Laundromania from the Mumbai region. Mercury Drycleaning achieved the Sustainability Award and the Innovation Award was granted to the impressive company ‘Laundrokart’. After receiving the India Overall Best Practices Award RTC, Laundromania representative will be invited to the GBPA2020 Final that will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June 19 & 20, travel and accommodation reimbursed by CINET). Trophies will be awarded for Innovation and Sustainability, as well.


Laundromania wins the Overall Best Practice Award for Retail Textile Cleaning by doing things the ‘Laundromania way’


In total 12 companies participated in the Awards program of which 9 were retail textile cleaning companies and 3 industrial textile services companies

Winners ITS

Within the ITS category it was Quick Clean that managed to win 2 awards, both the Innnovation award and the Overall Best Practices Award was granted to this outstanding company. The competition with Intensive Clothing Care Unit was extremely close on all fronts. Intensive Clothing Care Unit managed to perform slightly better in the field of sustainability which resulted in the Sustainability Award for this impressive rental company.


Quick Clean takes home the Innovation and Overall Best Practice Awards for the Industrial Textile Services category amongst others based on its innovative solutions for on-premise washing.
Quick Clean: celebrating winning the Indian Overall Best Practices Award (ITS)



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