WIRTEX decides to merge with DTV

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Textile Service – WIRTEX e.V., the member companies set the course for a merger of the WIRTEX with the German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV). They unanimously voted  for dissolving the industry association.

By this decision the former members of WIRTEX transfer to the DTV. The branches in Berlin, Bonn and Frankfurt am Main will remain as DTV branches, the work of both associations will now be continued under one roof. The former WIRTEX Managing Director Andreas Marek was released on February 11, 2019 from his duties.

“As a sector, we are stronger in the future. The political business has become much more complex. That requires a strong voice. Through the merger of WIRTEX and DTV, we are pooling our activities and achieving greater visibility together than we can each on our own, and together we achieve maximum attention, “says Dr. Thomas Neyers, President of the WIRTEX.