Women in laundry highlighted in Laundrylux project

The Laundrylux ‘Women in Laundry project’ which started in March 2018 for Women’s History Month, has ended. The project was initiated by the company’s digital marketing specialist, Monique Thompson.

While the initial plan was to highlight women in the industry just for the month of March, Monique and her co-workers thought “Why stop there?” and decided to present interviews from businesswomen, be it laundromat owners, sales people, or distribution owners, for the entire year.

Monique: “I wanted to bring awareness and show all women that being a business owner wasn’t just something that guys could aspire to be. Working in laundry for almost four years, I found that while the sector is male dominated, there are women out there. I just didn’t always hear from them. Showcasing these women who do it on their own or even with their husbands acting as the ‘silent’ partner so to speak, struck me as something important. I wanted to make sure those women were visible.”